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Become A User, Make Money With April 15, 2016


Let people know what you want to do.  It’s a simple sentence that seems pretty elementary when you think about it, but so many people actually fail to practice this.  I started a business straight out of college because I wanted to help those who were just like me and every other college student getting ready to enter into “the real world.”  I had few resources as far as getting a business started was concerned, so how did I turn a simple idea into action?  I told people about it.  I told everyone that I knew.  I had the idea, but I needed a team to help me build it.

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2016: A New Year December 10, 2015

Happy Holidays!

2016 is right around the corner as most of you enter into the home stretch of fall semester 2015. is experiencing its own type of hell week putting together what should be an exciting 2016 for the company! We are working on finishing up a commercial that will be displayed at all Lexington area Shell gas stations intermittently throughout the year. Keep an eye out for us and check out RedOak Digital Network and Creative Lexington ... Shout out for your awesome services! Also, we are going to be pursuing opportunities to offer internships to those students in need of them at the University of Kentucky. We will be sending out more updates as that comes to fruition! And, as usual, we will be having different events throughout the year a...